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Hiring a Jacksonville SEO expert can be the difference between having a website that no one ever sees and having a website that gets flooded with targeted customers each and every day.

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If your website doesn’t come up in the #1 position in Google when people search the internet for your product or service, what good is your website? It’s easy to be lost in a sea of websites all vying for attention. This is how we can help you. By making you findable online to the people wanting to buy from you.

You can’t get new customers and make more sales if no one ever sees your website, no matter how nice it may be! To use a metaphor, think about it this way.

Consider your website your own piece of online real estate. The same is true for every other website owner out there as well. Everybody has their own ‘plot of online land’ so to speak. Now, even people not involved with real estate or have heard the classic line denoting the importance of ‘Location, Location, Location!’

This is just as true online as it is off, and why utilizing the skills of a Jacksonville SEO expert is so important. An offline business needs to be in that prime location where all the people are naturally driving by and seeing their store. This may be a busy intersection or right off of a busy highway with lots of traffic. The same is true for your internet real estate except instead of intersections and the like, that prime place to be in order to be seen is on the top of the first page in Google.

Whatever business you operate, we can help. It doesn’t matter if it’s product based or serviced based. It also doesn’t matter where you’re located. If people are looking for it online, we’ll put you in front of them guaranteed.

Just as an example to show you that there are really no businesses that couldn’t benefit:

  • Maybe you’re a lawyer and would like to increase your client base
  • Perhaps you own a dog grooming business and are stagnating due to lack of new customers
  • A CPA that just isn’t getting enough of a response from word of mouth or the yellow pages like he used to
  • Or a chiropractor, pool installer, heating and plumbing repair, electrician, etc the list goes on indefinitely.

My point is that these days just about everyone will start their search for something online. They want to search around and check out your website before walking into your store. They want to see what you have to offer first from the comfort of their own home before wasting a trip in their car fighting traffic. They want to see if their are any testimonials on your site, or any sort of reviews elsewhere on the internet, good or bad. People in general are far more savy and far pickier with who they do business with and how they do it, and rightly so.

That’s literally most people. So to reiterate, if you’re not in the first spot that shows up when people search for what you’re selling, you are literally missing out on the vast majority of potential customers that’s available for your business.

And to take that a step further, as a business owner I’m sure you’re aware of how hard it can be to get a first time buyer right? That is, when you’re the one going after them via most advertising modalities such as tv, radio, or newspaper ads.

These are all still viable means of getting new business, but nowadays, the proper online advertising presence can put them all to shame as far as a solid ROI goes. And here is the big reason for that, and the main difference in functions.’Old school’ advertising, mainly non-internet as mentioned above, focuses on you, the business owner, actively going after a stranger that at the moment they see your message are not even interested in what you have to offer. Are you with me?

In some ways many people actually see most forms of advertising, at most times, as downright annoying and harassing. Not exactly a mood conducive to sales is it? This is why cold calling is dreaded so badly by people in sales, why tv, radio, and newspaper ads, and those ‘hot targeted lead lists’ some unethical company sold you, do so poorly. And relevant to our discussion these are all the complete opposite of what we are offering here as Jacksonville SEO experts.
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This is what my company offers that is the opposite of the awful scenarios mentioned above. I’ll start with the example of the ‘hot targeted lead lists’ I talked about. Most business owners have tried these at some point to try and drum up more customers. If not, they are at least aware of what I’m talking about. The problem with most of these is that these lists are either

Sold to all of your competitors as well so you get beat to the punch or by the time you get to them they have been harrassed so many times by other businesses they are too mad to even talk to you

They are way out of date. Some of these lists could be months or even years old. People move, people change interests, and people are not going to wait around for what they want for months or years. In other words, the lists are outdated and useless

These lists could be completely untargeted. The names and emails or phone numbers collected and sold could be from loosely related or even totally unrelated sources from what you are trying to sell. So someone gives you a thousand names and numbers they gathered as they were promoting their cat juggling (or whatever) business, so what? You’re in the automotive (or whatever) business so calling all of those people (not to mention paying for it) is a big waste of time.

Ok, enough of the negative, I hope I’ve set the groundwork so that you see my point. The above provides a perfect opposite metaphor for what we do here. In a very real way, when your at the top of Google, it’s like having an evergreen, ever refreshing, real-time, never been spammed by competitors list of ultra-targeted leads. To drive home the point. This ‘list’ ie traffic visiting your website after they search for what you’re selling:

-Ultra targeted: They searched for exactly what you’re offering, they are in buyer mode

-Real-time: It’s literally up to the second, not only are they interested in what you’re selling, but they are looking to buy it NOW. You’re not catching them while there watching tv or reading the paper and don’t care two cents about what you’re offering. This is one of the main differences in marketing strategies, in this case, these people are coming to you, you are not chasing them down. In this scenario they don’t have their guard up, in fact they have their arms (and wallets) wide open for you

-Evergreen: It never runs out, people will always be searching for what you’re offering so as long as you’re in that top spot, you’ll always be getting new customers

-Never spammed by your competitors before you get to them. This isn’t possible because this is YOUR LIST. Your competitors can’t beat you to the punch because you are always the very first website that your new customers see!

Our Jacksonville SEO services are a risk free investment. We make money by making you money. Negative cash flow is impossible. To prove our point we’ll even give you a free consultation and do the initial research at no charge. All you have to do is fill out the simple, free form that you can find through the link at the bottom of this post.

Maybe you have been getting zero results from your internet marketing attempts, or maybe you’ve been getting some but you want more (who wouldn’t?). We can help boost your results many fold no matter where you are in the game.

So take action today, let’s get started, the sooner you fill out our free, quick questionnaire below, the sooner we can get started sending a ton of targeted traffic to your website.

Do it for yourself, your family, your business. Peace of mind can indeed be achieved by creating your own economy through working with our team.

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