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Fill out your email and website to get a FREE SEO QUOTE in 24 hours or less or watch the below video for a brief overview of how we work and how we get your business more customers.Fill out your email and website to get a FREE SEO QUOTE in 24 hours or less or watch the below video for a brief overview of how we work and how we get your business more customers.

If you need to find and retain more clients for your law firm, contact us today to see how SEO for lawyers can accomplish this for you.

SEO For Lawyers

Here is a great case study we did in the legal field that you may find very interesting, and quite relevant, to seeing just how effective our strategy is for a law firm like yours.

These days it seems every other commercial on television is a promotion for one type of lawyer or another. Maybe you are one of those firms that spend a lot of your ad budget on these types of commercials. And, hopefully, you’re getting a positive ROI from them. But, wouldn’t you like to get a better return from what you spend in advertising?

Compare these two situations:

A – Your typical high priced tv commercial based on lawyer SEO. Most people are going to be hitting the mute button until their favorite program comes back on, or they may even change the channel altogether. Seriously, what do you do during most commercial breaks when you’re at home? It’s typically channel surfing time, bathroom break, or hitting the kitchen for a snack until it’s over and the actual show is back on. Sure some people will have a pressing need for a lawyer right at that moment but it’s the minority, and that’s if they are even paying attention at that precise 30 second window. And the odds go down even further depending on what kind of legal service they need and if you provide that specific type.

B – A person in your area is in urgent need of a the exact kind of legal service that you specialize in so they go to Google and do a search for ‘Jacksonville foreclosure lawyer’ or ‘Atlanta personal injury attorney’ or ‘Insert your city and speciality here’. You get my point. These people are in ‘buyer mode’. They have their money in hand to give to you for exactly what your capable of providing to them. No chasing them down, or trying to convince them to use you for what they may or may not need. They come to you. All of this is what’s possible if you’re at the top of Google when people punch in those searches.

Depending on the size of the city that you live in, hundreds if not thousands of people are searching for legal services in your area each and every month online. And for every kind of lawyer too including but certainly not limited to:

  • Personal injury


  • Bankruptcy


  • Foreclosure defense


  • Car & Motorcycle accident


  • Criminal


  • DUI


  • Custody


  • Workers comp


  • Malpractice


  • General lawsuits


  • Family


  • Divorce

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So if you practice only one type of law or many, there is a ton of traffic out there just waiting to be funneled to your website by implementing our lawyer SEO techiniques. That’s what we do, we put you right in the middle of that stream of new visitors looking for what you have to offer. We make you findable online.
It doesn’t matter where you live nor does it matter if you just got an online presence or have been online since the inception of the internet. We can improve your results many fold by optimizing your website and driving more targeted leads to you.

Let’s face it, the legal profession is only growing bigger, the need for lawyers is only getting stronger every day. Why not tap into this ever increasing flow of hot leads via the internet?

I always recommend thinking of our services as an investment vs an expense. The word expense tends to have a sense of loss to it. Investment says ‘money in yet more money out’ which is much more fitting for what we offer. Results based service is where it’s at and what we offer here.

If you’ve been stressed lately because you’re not getting enough clients into your firm, it’s time to relax. We can fix that for you. But you have to take that initial action and contact us so we can get started.

As unfortunate as it is, divorce rates have not slowed down, nor have any of the other types of legal needs gone anywhere but up. People need your services now more than ever, regardless of what the economy at large is or isn’t doing. You have what is most certainly an evergreen business which couples perfectly with my business which falls under the same category. Together it’s the perfect synergy. One without the other will just fall into the same trap as the rest of the failing businesses out there.

Nothing happens without action so take that fist step today and get in touch. There is absolutely no risk, no pressure, and no obligation. You only stand to gain more business.

Wouldn’t it be nice to relax about your client base…about money…for a change? Let’s get to work right away and put together the perfect plan tailor made for your specific firm and its needs.

If you want to capitalize on this simply fill out the free form that can be found here or submit a question during daytime hours in the live chat on the right.

In closing, to reiterate the point that I started off with concerning tv commercials and other non-internet related advertising. Sure they can be really snazzy and may even convert really well, IF people see them at all, and if they do, IF they don’t just tune them out, and IF they just happen to be in desperate need of the type of legal services you provide.

Those are a lot of big IF’s….instead…use our lawyer SEO services for something far more reliable and with a far greater ROI, doesn’t that sound reasonable?

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